One Name is Never Spoken: Our news article today is about Princess Margaret & Group Captain Peter Townsend

Given the popularity of the new Netflix film series, “The Crown,” our news article today is about Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend.  Their romance caused quite a stir in the 1950’s, ultimately leading to unhappiness and heartbreak for both of them. The divorced Townsend’s first wife was Rosemary Pawle, later Marchioness Camden, after her third marriage in 1978.  She died in 2004 and Townsend died in 1995.

The article below is from a French 1969 Marie Claire Magazine 10 years after he had remarried.  His second wife, Marie Luce Jamagne, seen below, bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Margaret.  For our American readers and fans, the RAF rank of Group Captain is equal to a Colonel in the US.   Enjoy!