LATE Princess Diana was truly a people’s princess, who is still popular with the same epithet, even after more than ten years of her death. Her belongings have been treated as souvenirs, with fans ready to shell out millions for them.

Since her untimely, tragic death in 1997, her items have been auctioned to collect donations for charity. The princess, before her death, used to work tirelessly for several charity organisations across the world, including those in poverty ridden Africa and developing Asia.
In one such auction, a thanksgiving letter written by Diana to her friend, fetched 800 pounds. The letter was written to Bruce Oldfield and business partner Anita, on December 20, 1988, to express her thanks for the blouse she got tailored for herself from the designer friend. The auction was organised during a show on the popular BBC programme, BBC2 Show, for a charity firm, Bernado’s, working for the welfare of children.
“I do love my Christmas present and how smart it is. You are incredibly kind to have given it to me and I am overwhelmed and speechless (makes a change!) by the arrival. I have never been able to keep a parcel until the right day so I fear I’ve opened it immediately. Thank you both more than I can possibly say for thinking of me. Lots of love from Diana,” she wrote in the letter.
The designer Bruce who too was raised in Bernado’s, was euphoric with the response generated by the letter. He said, “It’s wonderful that they made such a staggering amount.” He further added “I’m sure Princess Diana would be pleased that a simple card and thank you letter would help to support a charity of which she was president.”
Starting from the mid eighties, until her death, she had tirelessly worked for AIDS awareness, under privileged children, leprosy, women empowerment, welfare of the elderly and the youth.  MeriNews Source.