Princess Diana’s Dresses May be up for Auction again

Princess Diana

Ten of Princess Diana’s most memorable evening gowns will reportedly be put up for auction at London’s Kerry Taylor auction house on March 19.

Ten of the late British royal’s most memorable gowns have allegedly been flown over from America and are expected to be auctioned off to the highest bidder at Kerry Taylor auction house in Bermondsey, South London, on March 16.

Lady Diana Spencer – who died in a tragic Parisian car crash in 1997 – raised £2.8 million for her favourite charities shortly before her death by selling 79 bespoke couture pieces at an auction at Christie’s in New York.

Florida-based socialite Maureen Dunkel is now selling 10 of the 13 dresses she snapped up at the time for a cost of £500,000. They included Victor Edelstein’s iconic Saturday Night Diva number, a blue silk dress Diana wore in 1985 when she danced with John Travolta at a White House ball.

Peter Bennett, a former business associate of Maureen, told the Daily Mail newspaper: “The dresses gave her social status. She became royalty, somewhat. Tampa is a small city and she could easily elevate her social status with her purchase. And she continued to be seen as a do-gooder, displaying the dresses and donating money to charity.”

Maureen set up The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation in 1998 with the purpose of preserving and displaying Diana’s dresses, but has now decided to part with them after 16 years of loaning them to exhibitions around the world.