Diana Sweater Pullover Patterns!

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Princess Diana and The Warm & Wonderful Sheep Sweater

Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne designed and made the pullover in the early 1980’s and originally sold it from their market stall at Covent Garden. They were completely unaware of Diana owning one until pictures of the future royal bride showed up in the press in the summer of 1981.

Sally Muir said Princess Diana had never come to the shop. “When we saw the pictures we thought ‘Wow, that’s amazing’, Muir stated, ‘but we weren’t credited and it wasn’t an overnight success . . . It was different back then – designers weren’t nearly as calculating.” Below are their original advertisements.

Perfect for cold weather! The Warm & Wonderful Sheep Sweater Pullover! The Original Diana Brand!

The famous Warm and Wonderful sheep sweater – now part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s permanent collection – depicts a lone black sheep among a herd of white, and was interpreted as a sartorial message from the young Diana when she wore it shortly after her engagement to Prince Charles was announced.

Designed by Warm & Wonderful and sold originally in London, it was a favourite of the Sloane Ranger set in 1979-1980. The style spawned countless copies around the world. The sweater, below in the last photo is an original replica from the 1980’s in the color burgundy/plum.


A look at Princess Diana’s 1980’s fashion; Benny Ong







The Peruvian Inca Sweater and fashion designer Benny Ong along with Benetton gave her that signature look.  Note the open back Benetton T shirt above she bought in the London store in 1983 pictured above.

Ong designed her walkabout dress for The Ayer’s Rock tour in Australia.   The white dress was part of his Sunday Sketches Collection.  Royal Fashion was all the rage in August 1983 fashion magazines in the UK and worldwide.  One such magazine cover is here in this post