Diamond Collar and Earrings 1981

The regal photo of Diana at Highgrove, 1981.  Collingwood Jewellers diamond necklace and matching earrings.  The jeweller had wanted to gift Diana of these two pieces of jewellery at the time of her wedding but the Palace thought it too grand a gift for the new Princess.  Pity, they are gorgeous.  They were subsequently sold to an Iranian buyer.

New Diana letters to be auctioned!


A new set of Princess Diana letters is to be auctioned in February next year, expected to bring in over £20,000. The letters, written to Diana’s beautician Janet Filderman in the 1980s, tell tales of her young children’s antics at Christmas, how Diana was unable to resist opening Christmas gifts in advance (a habit that she apparently passed on to William), and how difficult, at times, she found life as the forefront of everything.

Penned in large looping letters, the missives will be sold off on February 13 by International Autograph Auctions at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow, London.

Princess Diana’s letters are an interesting glimpse into a character who, even 12 years after her death, is searched for daily on the Internet.  She is the #4 Search on the internet according to AskJeeves.com.

Bruce Oldfield Gown – Winter White

This gorgeous winter white Bruce Oldfield design is part of the Kensington Palace Collection on display at the Palace. The neckline is deep and cut square at the back. The overjacket is of silk lace and the bodice has short sleeves comprising three lace frills with two deeper flounces and the waistline, caught by a satin belt. This dress was worn by the Princess at a State Banquet given at Buckingham Palace for President Mubarak of Egypt.

The Revenge: Christina Stambolian Dress


Often referred to as the revenge dress, Diana wore this to the Serpentine Gallery the night Charles was interviewed by Jonathan Dimbleby on UK television.  

Sexy, confident, black and figure tight she knocked his admission of adultery right off the front pages of the UK papers the next day.  You can see why.