All Things Princess Diana!

imageWelcome to our blog on All Things Princess Diana!

We have been collectors of Royal Memorabila and Diana commemoratives since 1979!  We have the best selection of Princess Diana news and articles on our blog and we offer expert advice from time to time on collecting those rare Diana collectibles!

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6 thoughts on “All Things Princess Diana!

  1. Are there any photos of Diana and her sons with her family? Christmas photos, etc. Her dad was an avid photographer there must be some . Where are pics of William and Harry with Diana’s side of the family’s?

    • Hi there, I am not sure that any were ever made public. There is one that I know of that is most likely taken at Althorp and another one taken at her Swiss finishing School. I think the boys were pretty much with the Windsor clan at Christmas. Always wanted to write her brother to see if he might publish some of their Christmas photos! Thanks for writing and for following our blog!! Happy Holidays!!

    • I am afraid that a really good photo of that ring does not exist. I can tell you she bought it for herself after the divorce from Asprey in London and that it matches a bracelet she already had. It is about 33 carats with two-3 diamonds on each side. She wore it in 1996 and in 1997. It does have some earrings that she wore with the set too. Hope this helps.

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