3 thoughts on “SECRETS OF DAZZLING DI: Our Princess Diana news article for 23 May 2016

  1. Hi there, I am writing an article about Princess Diana and was just wondering if you could answer some questions for me. I am curious about Diana and her way of fashion. She was so populair about her dresses and other clothes, especially after the breakup with Charles. What do you think is remarkable for Diana? Which outfit do you think is the best and why became she such an style icon? Hope you can help me with this! Thanks in advanced!

    • Princess Diana’s best fashion moments were after she was separated from Prince Charles! Her freedom to discover her taste and personal style were never more apparent than when she wore the short shift type dresses by Versace, Catherine Walker and Christian Dior during and after 1995. Her best dress was the black sleeveless Versace with straps and the two jewelled shifts by Catherine Walker which she wore to the Christie’s Auction previews in London and New York in 1997. She became a fashion icon for women worldwide due to her ability to experiment with different styles. In the last years of her life she showed a fearlessness to engage herself with different designers and very innovative, fresh designs, something she was unable to do as HRH The Princess of Wales.

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