Villa in French Riviera where Dodi wooed Princess Diana sold for £70M


Princess Diana and her late boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed’s villa on the French Riviera, is now sold to Les Parcs De St Tropez for 70 million pounds.

Princess of Wales and Fayed’s love nest, Castle St Therese is sold by the late producer’s father Mohamed Al Fayed, whose spokesperson said that Al Fayed’s daddy owned it for four decades, and obviously the family will take decades to get over with all the happy memories attached to it, the Daily Express reported.

The four acres mansion, which was built in the 1860s, includes the lavish seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, three reception rooms, two kitchens, a children’s playroom, swimming pool and terraces. Dodi and Diana spent their final holiday together there before their deaths in 1997.