Six days to go but still a baby with no  name

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still do not have a name for the new heir to the throne

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still do not have a  name for the new heir to the throne

One of the first signs that Operation Royal  Baby is in full swing will be when an armed policeman appears on the steps  outside the hospital. 

By that time Kate will be on her way and is  expected to be taken into the Lindo through one of three side  entrances. 

Meanwhile, obstetrician Marcus Setchell will  be alerted on his specially-encrypted mobile phone by the Royal couple’s private  secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.

Assuming he is at his North London home at  the time, Mr Setchell will grab his carefully prepared overnight bag and climb  into his silver BMW. 

The six-and-a-half-mile journey to the  hospital should take no more than 20 minutes. But in case of heavy traffic, he  can always put the green flashing light he is entitled to use as a doctor on  call on the roof of his car. In the early stages of labour, Kate is likely to  have her mother Carole at her side.

But sources are now indicating that Mrs  Middleton will not be present during the delivery, as has been  suggested.

In common with other patients, the Duchess  will give birth in one of the six delivery rooms on the Lindo’s third floor,  which features ‘soothing’ block colour murals by London-based artist Julian  Opie.

Courtiers have spoken of a ‘range’ of   finely-tuned contingency plans, quietly confident that they have thought of  everything.

Yet one rather important matter remains  unresolved.