Kate’s page boys and bridesmaids


The pageboys were dressed in the Regency-style red tunic of a Foot Guards officer, echoing William’s formal Irish Guards attire.

Tom Pettifer, eight, and Billy Lowther-Pinkerton, ten, wore red jackets with gold braiding with buttons arranged in fours, representing the Irish – or Fourth – Regiment of Foot Guards.

They have Irish shamrocks on the collars and the buttons feature the Harp of Ireland surmounted by the Crown Imperial.

The boys wore ivory breeches with white stockings and black buckle shoes in accordance with tradition.

The look is completed by a gold and crimson tasselled sash around the waist, usually worn by officers in the Irish Guards when in the presence of a Member of the Royal Family.

The collars and cuffs were created by the Royal School of Needlework.


As a special memento, each of the four girls have had their name and the date of the wedding hand-embroidered on to the lining of their dresses.

Echoing Kate’s dress, they were made using the same fabrics.

The full, box-pleated skirt was used to add a sculptural quality, with the layering of ivory over white satin gazar adding depth of colour.

The dresses were hand-finished with delicate English Cluny lace, visible under the skirts, and four layers of net underskirt.

The puff sleeves and neckline were trimmed with the same English lace as the bride’s underskirt, while the backs were finished with the same button detail.

The sashes were made of pale gold wild silk, tucked at the front and tied at the back in a sumptuous bow.


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