Clever, dramatic, wildly provocative and inspired by a true story, Chasing Diana is a unique reading experience. Written as a “screenplay novel,” this historical fiction shares the eyewitness account of the early morning hours of August 31, 1997—the eve the world’s princess met a tragic and untimely death in the Alma Tunnel in Paris. Princess Diana’s demise, alongside her lover Dodi Al Fayed, thrusts James Goodrich, a second-rate actor, and Rhonda, his adoring wife, into the limelight, thereby turning their vacation into a havoc-filled nightmare. The paparazzi and the French authorities relentlessly pursue the couple—both desperately want the photos James unwittingly took of the crash. And in a marriage already pressed for change, the fame which James had sought as a fledgling actor eludes him yet again—but ironically propels Rhonda’s career sky-high as a writer and a first-rate actress. Just as one of their dreams is resurrected, the other will fall prey to old and unforgiving demons.